The Internet is a fantastic resource and offers so many opportunities to explore, create and collaborate. The documents and parental guides below will give you the 'know how' to help keep you and your children safe. This web page will be updated regularly.

Together we can help nurture a community of responsible digital citizens.

How to Help Keep Your Child Safe

Parents – scare or prepare?

Scary stuff in the media often creates a sense of alarm which can become self-fulfilling. Although it seems counter-intuitive, it is usually best not to name the frightening content.

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E-Safety Leaflet for Parents, Carers & Families

We have produced this short leaflet to give parents an overview of what we do to teach children to be safe online and provide you with some top tips to help at home. 

Click here to download our E-Safety Leaflet

E-safety Agreement at Orchard Academy 

At the start of the year, all children spend time learning about the importance of online safety. We have produced an agreement which we ask all children to sign every year to show that they have understood our online rules and that they agree to abide by them. We encourage children to adopt this agreement when online at home too. Parents are invited to use this poster with their children at home if they would like to. 

Click here to download our E-Safety Agreement 

Guides for Grown Ups

We have gathered a selection of support information to equip grown ups with the knowledge they need about some of the different apps and social media that children might be accessing. Many of these have age restrictions, but we know that there will be many younger children who will be accessing them. Click on the icons below for more information about each one. 









Online Games

New resource for parents - TAMING GAMING

Andy Robertson is a family video game journalist and is well known for his clear, pragmatic advice about all things gaming. He has put together a fabulous new website for families,  "This database is a unique way to find games for children, teenagers and young adults. Every game is presented for parents and carers to understand, to empower informed choice through understanding."

Click here to go to The Taming Gaming wesbite

CEOP resources 

CEOP have produced a new article and video to help parents and carers understand how in-game chat works, how it might be abused by others and what they can do to help keep their children safe whilst using in-game chat. 

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CEOP have also released their new activity pack for all ages which focus on online gaming. We have included the links for all age groups, so that they can be used by families to support other young people in their households too. 

For Parents - Communicating safely 

A short article for parents/Carers about their children communicating safely. The article is purposefully short to give clear, concise information and advice to parents. 

Click here to read the Communicating Safely article

Parental Controls

Parental controls are the names for a group of settings that put you in control of what content your child can see. Combined with privacy settings these can help you protect your children from the things they shouldn’t see or experience online.

Many parents are put off using controls and settings as they think they will be difficult to set up, or complicated to use. With our step by steps guides, we can help make it simple and straightforward. 

Click here for guidance on setting up parental controls across different devices

Supporting Young People Online - Advice for families

The Supporting Young People Online advice leaflet is available in a range of different languages. Click on the language below to read in another language. 

For support or extra information about keeping your children safe online please email us at Luke.Allwood@orchard.emat.uk. We will be happy to help further. 

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