Physical Education at Orchard Academy

At Orchard Academy we recognise the impact that an engaging, inspiring Physical Education experience has on young people’s lives both short term and long term. The benefits of Physical Education are extensive with many of the skills our children learn transferable to other subjects and walks of life.

Through a high-quality curriculum which offers a breadth and depth of activities and opportunities, our aim is to physically prepare children for the next stage of their education and later life. Physical Education also provides a platform for our children to be creative, develop resilience and build character.

In Physical Education (PE) children will develop skills that include:

  • Physical skills necessary to complete movement patterns and sequences in a variety of activities.
  • Cognitive skills necessary to problem solve and reflect on theirs and others’ performances.
  • Social skills necessary to communicate ideas and share experiences with others.
  • Emotional skills necessary to help them manage situations confidently and enjoy participating.

By promoting physical activity, we hope to increase our children’ physical and mental health. Regular physical exercise, together with adequate sleep and a healthy diet, provide us more energy to enjoy participating in activities and interact with others.

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