Pastoral Support

My name is Mrs James and I am Orchard’s Pastoral Lead. I am here to support our children and their families through any difficult times they may be experiencing. I

can offer 1:1 support for your children, if the issue is more private or individual and also weekly group sessions to help deal with issues such as self-esteem, anger management or support with friendships or social skills.

I am also here to support you, as parents, if you are struggling with any aspects of family life or are going through difficult circumstances. I have access to different services that may be available for you and your family.

If at any time you think of anything that your family or your child need support with, or you just need to chat about something – no matter how big or small – please come in and see me.


If your child is off from school due to illness, please phone the school as soon as possible to inform us. A message can be left on our absence line by calling the school on 01908 670681 and selecting option 1. Alternatively, if you have registered with ParentMail you can leave an online message.

If you require your child to be absent for any period of time, other than illness, please come into reception and complete a ‘Leave of absence request form’.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s attendance, please phone or drop into reception to make an appointment to speak with me.

Mrs James

Pastoral Lead

For information on how to apply for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium, please click the link below.

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