Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. 

We have three classes in Year 3:

  • Yew class with Mrs Osei
  • Elm class with Mr Mangalan
  • Maple class with Mrs Hathalia

The Curriculum 

Each term we have a topic or theme that we focus our learning around. 

This term our topic is Tourism.

We also study a range of books and genres to extend the children’s knowledge and vocabulary. During the year we will have visitors in and visits out of school that enhance and broaden the children’s learning and interests. We will also have opportunities for parents to attend assemblies, workshops, events, and parents’ evenings.  Please see the curriculum overview document below.   

Reading Books 

In Year 3 we have a big focus on reading. Every day, your child will be involved in a reading lesson that may include reading aloud to themselves for enjoyment as well as reading aloud to an adult in small groups and during whole class learning. In Year 3, we expect your child to engage in these reading lessons for at least 20 minutes, five times a week, either to an adult or to themselves, with then some discussion about the book read.  Two types of books will be sent home each day. One book will be chosen based on their reading level, and the other will be a book from the library. This is a great book to read together even if your child is unable to read. Any day, a book can be changed. This is the responsibility of the child during our reading lessons. Reading aloud to your child at home is crucial and will ensure any learning at school can be shared and enjoyed at home.


Year 3 will have PE twice a week. Maple and Elm will have their lessons Wednesday and Friday. Yew will have PE Thursday and Friday. Please ensure your child is wearing the appropriate footwear and are not wearing any jewellery, specifically earrings. All long hair should be tied back.


Year 3 Homework will be given out on Fridays and then expected to be handed in on a Wednesday. It will consist of a reading challenge, times table practice and an activity based around our topic each term.  It is expected that the children complete their homework with the support of an adult where required. The work should be completed in pencil and with the same level of pride they display in their school books.


Please ensure that your child has their named book bag and named water bottle (water only) in school every day and that your child’s uniform is also named.   Please check your child’s book bag each day, as notes or messages from the day are often sent this way. We also ask that you check your Arbor account regularly for any whole school communication. 

If you have any questions, please talk to either your child’s class teacher, the Year Leader Mrs Hathalia  or contact the school office. 

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