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Aspen is our department which supports children with EHCPs for Social Communication Difficulties. 

We also have a weekly visit from a Speech and Language Therapist who works alongside the staff to help improve each child’s communication skills as well as their focus and attention skills.

In Aspen, we help the children to develop their social skills and their communication skills, as well as make progress with their learning. Each child has a personalised curriculum, to take account of their strengths, and the areas they need to develop. We have a purpose built Soft Play Room and a Sensory Room that the children can access and include lots of opportunities for sensory/messy play. We also focus on developing each child’s life skills, including their self-help skills, and regularly include activities to support this, such as cooking, swimming and other trips and visits throughout the year.

We work closely with the year group teachers within the school, so that, over the year, the children can be integrated into their mainstream classes for lessons, where this is appropriate. We also join in with whole school activities, such as celebration assemblies and school performances.

We also work closely with parents and families to support and ensure continuity in any approaches and strategies we use, as well as to share the successes the children have each day in Aspen.

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