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Meet the Staff

Orchard Academy staff:

Headteacher - Mr. C. Brown

Assistant Headteacher - Mr. J. Wilson

Assistant Headteacher - Mr. L. Bartishel


Year Group Leaders -

Mrs. K. Hathalia - Year 3

Miss S. Evans - Year 4

Mrs. N. Vaike - Year 5

Mr. D. Davis - Year 6


Year 3 Teacher - Mrs. E. Mundy - Elm Class 

Year 3 Teacher - Mrs. K. Hathalia - Maple Class

Year 3 Teacher - Miss A. Kabir - Yew Class


Year 4 Teacher - Miss S. Dimmock - Beech Class

Year 4 Teacher - Mrs. A. Nicholson - Hazel Class

Year 4 Teacher - Mrs. S. Turvey - Hazel Class

Year 4 Teacher - Miss. S. Evans - Poplar Class 


Year 5 Teacher - Miss P. Naseri - Rowan Class

Year 5 Teacher - Mrs. N. Vaike - Sycamore Class

Year 5 Teacher - Mrs. S. Osei - Willow Class


Year 6 Teacher - Mr. L. Allwood - Ash Class

Year 6 Teacher - Mrs. T. Naylor - Elder Class

Year 6 Teacher - Mr. D. Davis - Oak Class


Safeguarding and Inclusion Lead - Mrs. S. James

Languages Teacher - Ms. V. Capomaccio

Sports Coach - Miss D. Shaw


SENDCo - Mrs. D. Clarke

Department Lead Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs S. Fairbrother

Department Teaching Assistant - Miss S. Driver

Department Teaching Assistant - Mrs. S. Greer

Department Teaching Assistant - Mrs. F. Hopkins

Department Teaching Assistant - Miss E. Smith

Department Teaching Assistant - Miss D. Williams

Department Teaching Assistant - Miss L. Yeboah


Librarian - Mrs. M. McCulloch-Keeble

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Miss R. Frank

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Miss A. Wood

Teaching Assistant - Miss K. Brister

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. C. Carniero-Peters

Teaching Assistant - Miss K. Ephgrave

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. N. Kohutova

Teaching Assistant - Miss. B. Larsen

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. J. Nazar

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. S. Patel

Teaching Assistant - Miss A. Roberts

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. L. Taylor


Breakfast Club Lead - Miss S. Driver

Breakfast Club Assistant / Lunch and Play Assistant - Miss S. Ayers

Breakfast Club Assistant / Lunch and Play Assistant - Mrs. B. Tamrakar

Lunch and Play Assistant - Mrs. L. Ayers

Lunch and Play Assistant - Ms. S. Y. Lee

Lunch and Play Assistant - Miss S. Oakley

Lunch and Play Assistant - Mrs. M. Osafo


General Administrator - Mrs. C. Lowe

General Administrator - Miss A. Richardson

General Administrator - Mrs. K. McGlynn

Reception and Finance Assistant - Mrs. A Scott

Transport Liason Officer - Mr. S. Cox

Minibus Chaperone - Miss S. Oakley


Site Supervisor - Mr. S. Croke


Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs. S. James

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr. C. Brown, Mr. J. Wilson, Mrs. D. Clarke and Mr. L. Bartishel

Safeguarding Governor - Mr. Chris Akpakwu


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