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Home Sports Day 2020

Monday 13th July 2020  Sports Day

Thank you to those pupils that entered this year's Home Sports Day 2020.

Below you can see the challenges each pupil took part in and the winner in each category.

Well done to all of you and have a happy, safe Summer.


1. 30 Second Speed Bounce. 1st Place - Sam C (Year 3) 61

Find 3/4 shoes and line them up. Jump from side to side across the line of shoes as many times as you can in 30 seconds. You will need: 3/4 shoes and a stopwatch.

2. 30 Second Star Jumps. 1st Place - Nikodem (Year 5) 95

How many star jumps can you do in 30 seconds? You will need a stopwatch.

3. 30 Second Skipping. 1st Place - Vimush (Year 6) 83

How many skips can you do over a jump rope in 30 seconds? You will need a skipping rope and a stopwatch. (If you haven't got a rope, try jumping on the spot for 30 seconds)

4. 30 Second Cushion Touches. 1st Place - Nikodem (Year 5) 34

Set up two cushions 2 to 3 metres apart and start standing in the middle of them. Move side to side, touching the cushions as many times as you can in 30 seconds. You will need 2 cushions and a stopwatch. 

5. In the Hoop. 1st Place - Mya (Year 5) 8

Place a hoop (or make a circle target) on the ground. Find a rolled up pair of socks and stand 5 big steps back from the the target. How many times can you land the socks in the target area? Have 10 attempts. You will need a hoop/make a circular target and a rolled up pair of socks

6. Hit the Target. 1st Place - Vimush (Year 6) 10

Find a target (bin/chair/stool for example) and a pair of rolled up socks. Stand 10 big steps away from the target. How many times can you hit the target with the pair of socks? Have 10 attempts. You will need a target and a rolled up pair of socks.

7. Keepy Uppys. 1st Place - Sam C (Year 3) 97

Find an object you think you could hit repeatedly in the air without it touching the ground (football/ tennis ball/ pair of rolled up socks/ loo roll for example). Use a body part of your choice (hand/foot) or a bat/racket to see how many times you can touch your object to keep it from touching the ground. You will need something to keep up with your hand/foot/bat/racket.

8. Stork Stand. 1st Place - Mya (Year 5) 10 minutes, 28 seconds

Stand on one leg, with your other foot against your standing leg's knee. Place your arms out to the side for balance. How long can you hold this position? You will need somewhere that has level grounding.


Score Sheet


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