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Week 3 Sport Challenge

Wall Sit & Mountain Climbers

The keepy-uppy challenge wasn't a great hit last week but well done Mr Williamson on your 30-second attempt! 

You can see attempts from our previous challenges on the school website and Twitter.

This week we would like to see your attempt at two different challenges- WALL SIT & MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS

Wall Sit - How long can you hold the wall-sit position as demonstrated?  Wall sit

Mountain Climbers - How many can you do in 30 seconds? See the video demonstration below to see the correct technique.

Good luck and please send your videos to Mr Saville: or post directly to our Twitter page (link below) or Facebook page. Please get your entries in by Friday 15th May 2020.

#StaySafeStay Active 

Sport Challenge 3

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Mountain Climbers

Mr. Saville - 84

Alira (Year 6) - 73

Isaac (Year 3) - 64

Wall Sit

Alira (Year 6) 3 minutes 10 seconds

Isaac (Year 3) 3 minutes 1 second

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