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Week 2 Sport Challenge

Keepy - Uppys

Well done again to all of you that attempted the 30-second Speed Bounce last week! If you haven't seen the attempts yet, check out our Twitter page!

This week we would like to see your attempt at keeping an object in the air by using parts of your body. This could be a ball, a rolled up pair of socks or even a loo roll! 

There is a 30 second and a 60 second option to this challenge. Thos of you that have a go at the 60-second challenge like Mr Saville will be entered into the Milton Keynes School Sport Competition too!

Good luck and please send your videos to Mr Saville: or post directly to our Twitter page (link below) or Facebook page. Please get your entries in by Thursday 7th May.

#StaySafeStay Active 

Sport Challenge 2

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Mr. Saville's 60-Second Attempt


Mr. Bartishel's 30-Second Attempt

Mr Williamson's 30-Second Attempt


60 Seconds

Mr Saville - 103

30 Seconds

Mr Williamson - 53

Mr Bartishel - 50 ish

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