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Week 1 Sport Challenge

Speed Bounce

This week Mr Bartishel and Mr Saville challenge you to the 30 Second Speed Bounce Challenge! To see the challenge, you can visit our school Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. At the end of the week a leaderboard on this page will show how you all got on! 

We would like as many pupils, parents and staff to have a go at the weekly challenge.

Good Luck! 

Sport Challenge Week 1

Here are some attempts:

Mr. Saville's Speed Bounce Attempt

Mr. Bartishel's Speed Bounce Attempt

Mr. Brown's Speed Bounce Attempt

Click here to see all the attempts on our School Twitter Page!


Jake (Y5) - 88 Jake SB

Alira (Y6) - 79 Alira SB

Mya (Y5) - 78 Mya SB

Vimush (Y6) - 73 Vimush SB

Nikon (Y5) - 73 Niko SB

Mr Bartishel - 71

Ewan (Y6) - 70

Elizabeth (Y3) - 60 Ewan Elizabeth SB

Mr Saville - 59

Mr Brown - 58

Mrs Lowe - 57 Mrs Lowe SB

Isaac (Y3) - 37 Isaac SB

Well done to you all and thank you for your videos! Good luck in next week's challenge.

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