Home Learning

Daily Task Sheets

To try to support you at home, we are now going to be offering a ‘Daily Task’ sheet.

This will feature a maths task and an English task, along with a link to tell us when you are finished! Answers will be revealed on the following day’s sheet where appropriate. This is meant to be a good starting point for your home learning and of course staff in each year group are continuing the great job they’ve been doing of updating their pages with various activities to choose from. Aim to do the Daily Tasks as a minimum and then select a few additional home learning activities as a bonus. We have made it so the Daily Task is openable on almost all smartphones / tablets and there is no need to do any printing – you’ll just need a scrap piece of paper and a pen / pencil each day.


Page Downloads Date  
Year 5 Daily Task 18th May 2020 17th May 2020 Download
18th May 2020 answers 18th May 2020 Download
Year 5 Daily Task 19th May 2020 18th May 2020 Download
19th May 2020 answers 19th May 2020 Download
Year 5 Daily Task 20th May 2020 19th May 2020 Download
20th May 2020 answers 20th May 2020 Download
Year 5 Daily Task 21st May 2020 20th May 2020 Download
21st May 2020 answers 21st May 2020 Download
Year 5 Daily Task 22nd May 2020 21st May 2020 Download
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