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Daily Maths Lessons 

The maths lessons this week will help you develop your understadning of decimals and fractions. There is a video of the input to watch and an activity to complete that accompanies the lesson. There is also an answer section for you to check your work afterwards. Please get in touch if you need support with your Maths. 

Click Here to access the Daily Maths Lessons (tenths, hundredths and equivalent fractions)

Daily Maths Challenge 


 Each class is competing against the other classes across our Trust. During the week you need to answer the 1000 questions. The highest scoring class (highest number of correct answers) will each win an APP Store voucher for each person in the class! So to be in with a chance, you need to log in to SumDog.  The last competition we had was won by Hazel class, so let's all work together to try and make sure this compettion is won by one of our year 4 classes. Let's show the rest of them how it is done!

Final results from the Buckinghamshire SumDog Competition are....

HAZEL - 1st 

BEECH - 16th 

POPLAR - 19th 

Daily Competition Winners

Click here to access the SumDog Competition

Please also spend some time focusing on learning your times tables. As a year group you have worked really hard to learn these this year and whilst there may not be a test anymore to complete, we would still like everybody to be fluent. Please complete 2 x soundchecks and choose another activity to do. Maybe challenge your friends or teachers, too?!

Click here to access TT Rockstars

St George's Day Special!

April 23rd Is St George's Day (The patron saint of England) Have a go at this Special maths Activity!

CLICK HERE to access the Maths Mystery Game 

CLICK HERE to check your answers - remember honesty is always the best policy :p 


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The Mystery of the Missing Horse 22nd Apr 2020 Download
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