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Easter English Activities

This fun booklet has a mixture of activities based around Reading, SPAG and spelling.

Either print out or answer on paper.

SATs Activity Revision Booklet

SATs Activity Revision Booklet Answers


Power of Reading - Online Video Lessons

Pupils at Orchard will all be familiar with 'Power of Reading' lessons at school. The brilliant Mrs. Naylor has recorded some lessons based on Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories."

When she asks for responses in her video, you can respond by emailing Make sure you tell her your name in the email as you ay get a mention in the next video!

Keep watching this page as Mrs. Naylor will be posting a series of videos.



Are you a fan of Harry Potter?  Have you read the books or seen any films? Have a go at these exciting Harry Potter activities.  These activities are a mixture of reading, writing and SPAG (spelling, grammar and punctuation).  Remember, you can either print out the questions or just use paper.  You do not need to do them in order. 

Harry Potter 1

Harry Potter 2

Harry Potter 3

Harry Potter 4

Harry Potter 5

Now have a go at these reading activities.  Then maybe apply the types of questions to any other reading materials you have.  Remember to use Bug Club to practice answering questions on things you have read as well.

There are answers at the end of each text.

Fiction - The Snow Queen

Non-Fiction- Rosa Parks

Poetry - The TygerInformation for Parents


Bug Club

Click on the link below to be taken to Bug Club:

Click Here

Bug Club (ActiveLearn by Pearson) is a school-wide online reading scheme aimed to provide both breadth and depth for our pupils. With hundreds of books to choose from, every child can be assured to find something they will enjoy at their level, as well as being able to extend their curiosity to different genres and authors.

Children should have their own login for this website.  Please contact the school if they have forgotten it.

David Walliams is also willing to share his stories with children. He will be making different stories available to listen to each day in the form of an audio book. 

Click Here for David Walliam's audio books 



Have a go at any of these!  Remember to edit and improve.  Make yourself a checklist to see how many tools you have.  Could you add even more?  Have you included any of the following?  You can either print out the paper or use any paper.  You may even want to type it.  Remember to save your work!

. , ? ! " "  ; :  (  ) - -   -  

parentheses, fronted adverbials, modal verbs, year 5/6 words, diaologue to move the story on, description of setting/characters, headings, bullet points, different types of sentences.

Advertise your town

The Ascent

Film Review

Letter to your MP

Continue the story

The Titanic

The Supermarket (new)

Classroom Conundrum (new)

Ancient Myths (new)

A First Visit (new)


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)

SPAG is spelling, grammar and punctuation.  Each booklet covers a selection of areas.  Remember you can either print out pages or just view the questions on the screen and answer on paper.

Click on one of these below.  They can be done in any order and more than once.

Booklet 1 - Grammatical Terms and Word Classes

Booklet 1 - Answers

Booklet 2 - Sentences, Phrases and Clauses

Booklet 2 - Answers

Booklet 3 - Verb Foms and Tenses

Booklet 3 - Answers

Booklet 4 - Punctuation

Booklet 4 - Answers 

Booklet 5 - Vocabulary and Standard English

Booklet 5 - Answers

Booklet 6 - Spelling

Booklet 6 - Answers


Exploring Vocabulary

How many words can you think of that would go between hot and cold?  Have a go at these word scales.

Notes for adults

Word scale work sheet

Word Scale blank scales - put your own words in


Powerful Adjectives

Use these ideas to help you be more accurate with selecting which adjective to use.

Notes for adults


Card sort activity




These are words that are often incorrectly spelled.  Print out the bookmarks or words mats, maybe hang them around your house, or just write them out.  You could choose a few a day to learn! Have a competition in your house to see who can get the most correct.

Notes for adults

Spelling Bookmarks

Spelling table prompts

Spelling word list fan

Spelling word list mat


Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed is a really useful tool for children to practice their spelling! Pupils should have their own login. Please click the link below to access the sign-in page:

Spelling Shed Login

If your child has forgotten their password please contact the school.


Classroom Secrets

This exciting pack contains worksheets covering questions based around the learning the children have been doing in Maths, SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), Reading and application and use of vocabulary.  The work is differentiated so your child can have a go at all of it or choose what is more suitable for them.  There is a little star at the bottom of each page that shows this.

D = Developing     Exp = Expected    GD = Greater Depth

It may be that they change the challange depending on what they are doing.

If you want to and have access to a printer you could print the sheets out.  Alternatively, your child can view the work on a screen and write their answer on some paper.

There are also some practical ideas which look great fun.  Click on the links below.

Year 6 Home Learning Pack

Year 6 Parent Guidance

Year 6 Practical Ideas

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