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Support Sheets

You can use these knowledge organisers to help both children and adults to help you answer questions. They are a great revision tool - if you are able to print them out maybe display them in your room.

Four operations, prime, square, cube numbers, common factors and multiplesConverting unitsFractionsDecimalsPercentagesStatisticsPerimeter, Area and VolumeAlgebra

Summer Term

As well as adding the daily task and tasks on the main page there will also be tasks added on here.  There is no set order to do these in - you can select the ones you want to have a go at.

White Rose Maths Wk Monday 4th May

It's all about fractions this week.

Click here for daily activitie on fractions this week.

Activity Mats

These have a mixture of questions on each one.  The answers are included with each one as well.

Maths Mat 1Maths Mat 2Maths Mat 3Maths Mat 4Maths Mat 5Maths Mat 6

New Arithmetic Quizzes

Quiz 1 - all four operations (including answers and some guidance)




We will keep adding activities to this page.  Remember that some of the activities and links that we add will be enough for more than a week.  Split up what you do into sizeable chunks. If you do not have access to a printer just use paper.

Rapid Reasoning - this has a mixture of reasoning style quesitons.  Answers are provided as well with each week.  If you are unsure of what a word means then look it up to help you answer the question.  There is also an adult support document which explains how to help teach this.

Rapid Reasoning adult support

Year 6 Rapid Reasoning Week 1

Year 6 Rapid Reasoning Week 2 (new) 

Questions with videos - This link has reasoning type questions with video links to explain how to do that question.  You do not have to do the whole paper all at once - especially if you are watching the videos as well.  Even if you know how to answer the question you should still watch the videos as it's a great way to reinforce your understanding and to see if you are correct!

Year 6 SATs questions and variant questions with videos

Each of the below activities should take around an hour.  You may choose to do one of these or something from the above links.  You may even choose to do more!

Add whole numbers - mental and written strategies

Subtract whole numbers - mental and written strategies

Understanding decimals 

Adding decimals 

Finding a difference decimals and change (new)


One a day (new)

Click on the link below to take you to 5 lessons of maths - do one each day. There are 2 weeks so start on week 1.

There is a video to watch, questions and answers.  If its too tricky or you want more challenge - maybe look at a different year group.

Click here



Click below to follow the link to Sumdog:

Click Here

Sumdog is a fantastic maths website aimed at developing children's mathematical fluency. Through fun online games, it test pupils' recall and knowledge of things like times tables and number-bonds. Each child has their own login and nearly all of them know this. However, don't worry if your child has forgotten theirs as sumdog have made their resource free during the coronavirus outbreak.

4th April 2020 - 38 children have been on Sumdog in the last 7 days.  Who has been on the most?  Who has the most answers correct?  Will anymore of you go on?

Results to follow...


Week 23/3 to 29/3

Time on Sumdog Top 5

1st - Neruja

2nd - Glory

3rd - Luqman

4th - Jenae

5th - Eeza

Time on Sumdog 1st place each class -

Oak - Neruja

Ash - Glory

Elder - Tori

**********  COMPETITION *********

Monday 30th March -  Monday 6th April

The 500 Question Challenge

Open to all classes!  Which class will win?  Which individuals will be ranked in the top 5?

Good Luck!

Classroom Secrets

This exciting pack contains worksheets covering questions based around the learning the children have been doing in Maths, SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), Reading and application and use of vocabulary.  The work is differentiated so your child can have a go at all of it or choose what is more suitable for them.  There is a little star at the bottom of each page that shows this.

D = Developing     Exp = Expected    GD = Greater Depth

It may be that they change the challange depending on what they are doing.

If you want to and have access to a printer you could print the sheets out.  Alternatively, your child can view the work on a screen and write their answer on some paper.

There are also some practical ideas which look great fun.  Click on the links below.

Year 6 Home Learning Pack

Year 6 Parent Guidance

Year 6 Practical Ideas


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