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English Lesson with Mrs. Nicholson

Before you start the lesson, click on this link and watch the video clip:

Lesson resources:

Task instructions

Planning sheet

Comic strip

Please don't feel that you have to print these resources. You can easily recreate them on a piece of paper.

Mrs. Clarke reads Lubna and Pebble

Daily lessons

From Wednesday 22nd April, daily English tasks can be found on the daily task sheets. Additional optional English tasks will be added to this section for those who want to complete extra reading, writing, grammar or spelling work.


The truth about trolls writing unit

This is a unit of work using the Talk for Writing process that we use for our English lessons in school. This unit of work should last approximately two weeks (10 days). For your first session, focus on reading and understanding the information up to page 6 of the booklet. To help you learn the WAGOLL (what a good one looks like - pages 4 and 5) you could draw a text map and/or use actions for the WAGOLL that you are learning today, just like we do in school.

There is no need to print this booklet. Any of the activities can be recorded on paper.

Identifying pronouns lesson


Reading comprehension lesson (fact retrieval)

Identifying nouns lesson


In order for the children to continue to practise and develop their creative writing skills, we will add exciting creative writing stimuli on a regular basis. Please follow the links below.

Writing stimulus 1

Drashti (1)
A superb piece of writing by Drashti which includes great fronted adverbials and superb vocabulary choices! Well done Drashti!

Elizabeth wonderful writing
Wonderful writing produced by Elizabeth from Elm Class

Writing stimulus 2

The good news news report.

Writing stimulus 3

Book review task

Would you like to write a book review that can be seen by millions of people worldwide? If so, then this is what you need to do:

  • write a book review for a book that you have recently read.
  • send your book review to us
  • we will place it on the review section of Amazon for that book and your book review will be there, online, to help other decide whether to buy that book or not.

Click here to send your book review

Elizabeth book review
Congratulations Elizabeth on having the first book review published on Amazon for Year 3.


Bug Club

Click Here

Bug Club (ActiveLearn by Pearson) is a school-wide online reading scheme aimed to provide both breadth and depth for our pupils. With hundreds of books to choose from, every child can be assured to find something they will enjoy at their level, as well as being able to extend their curiosity to different genres and authors. Children should have their own login for this website.

Read Write Inc.

Some of our children work with Mrs Taylor, Mrs Nazar and Mrs Mcculloch Keeble each day in one of our Read Write Inc groups. If this applies to your child, then please follow the link to take part in a daily lesson. 

Click Here for Read Write Inc Lessons

First News reading activities

First News is a newspaper designed for children, which we have copies of in the school library. They have very kindly made the newspaper and activities free for us to share with you while at home. I will be putting a selection of these on here each week for you to complete. 

24th - 30th April First News Newspaper

24th - 30th April Reading comprehensions

Twinkl reading comprehensions

Twinkl has an extensive collection of reading comprehensions so it may be a good idea for the children to select a reading comprehension for a topic of their choosing and have a go at reading the text and answering the questions. Below is a link that, once you have signed up to Twinkl for free, will take you straight to the reading comprehension area of their website for Year 3.

Year 3 reading comprehensions here


Statutory spelling words

Below are documents outlining the statutory spelling words for Years 3 and 4 and Years 1 and 2 from the national curriculum. These can be used to practise spelling at home with your parents, carers or siblings.

Years 3 and 4 spelling words

Years 1 and 2 spelling words

Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed is a really useful tool for children to practice their spelling! Pupils should have their own login. We will be adding weekly spellings to this to allow you to continue to practice them. Please click the link below to access the sign-in page:

Spelling Shed Login

Punctuation and grammar

Prefixes and suffixes

A prefix is a group of letters added to the beginning of a root word to change the meaning of that root word.

Activity 1 is below. The answers are on the second page so no peeking. Please do not feel the need to print out the sheets. The work can be done on paper.

Prefixes activity 1

A suffix is a group of letters added to the end of a root word to form a different word.

Activity 1 is below. The answers are on the second page so no peeking. Please do not feel the need to print out the sheets, The work can be done on paper.

Suffixes activity 1


Conjunctions is an area of grammar that we focus on in Year 3. Below is a link to various activities to develop our understanding of conjunctions.

Conjunction activities

Feel free to share your work via email if you wish by using the link below.

Share my work


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