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The Year 5 team.

Thank you to everyone who is sending work in.  There has been a fantastic amount sent in today.  Below is a selection of the work.  Well done to all of you who sent work in today.


Great work Nikon

Nikon 50













Super Nikodem


Nikodem 50













Marvellous Maths Miki


Miki 50













 Great work Nauriya


Nauriya  50

















Super English Carina

Carina 45

















Great topic Nikodem

Nikodem 45













Thank you for the teacher thank you David

David 50








Fantastic work Finley

Fin 41













Fin 40













Great abgles work Nikon

Nikon 40













Super recipe Sophia

Sophia 30















Great work Inayah

Inayah 35

Nikodem 35
























Excellent recipe Nikodem, It looks delicious!


Super marble run Carina


Carina 35

Nikodem 30






























An awesome marble run.  Well done Nikon

Nikon 30






Nikon 31






A fantastic thank you letter Carina


Carina 28

















Carina 26

















Great maths work everybody


Nikon 26






Nikon 25







Nikodem 26















Nauriya 25

















Super English Nikodem

Nikodem 25













Amazing work Carina

Carina 23


















Carina 24


















Lovely work on Anthony Browne, Medeea

Medeea 20


















Excellent places to visit Nikon

Nikon 21







and a great buggy

Nikon 20







Super VE day work Finley

Fin 19













Fin 20














Excellent VE day work David

David 20















Brilliant cooking Belta, they look delicious!


Belta 20














Super family tree Carina

Carina 20


















Great work Jake

Jake r 13








Super learning Alesha

Alesha 20

















Amazing home learning.


Carina 18


















Inayah 18














Nikon 13






Superb Topic Nikodem

Nikodem 18








Super Maths and English work.


Nikon 11








Carina 18



















Inayah 7















Belta 11















Finley 11














Super topic work 


Miki 10















Jess 11














Great Daily tasks, Nikon

Nikon 15







Jake R
















Inayah 3
















Carina 14


















David A

David 6














Great Maths Miki

Miki 10














Super pizza Carina


Carina 16







Great Science Nikodem


Nikodem 14














Excellent British Empire work Sophia


Sophia 7













Awesome baking Carina and Jess

Carina 12


Jess 9





























Excellent English and Maths, Nikon, Nikodem, Jessica C and David

Nikon 11






Nikodem 11













Jessica c 3

















David 5










Excellent topic work Shreya

Shreya 7









Amazing family tree Sophia

Sophia 5

Great maths tasks Nikon and Nikodem

















Nikodem 10













Super English Carina

Carina 11

















Great baking Jess

 Jess 5













Amazing art work Jake


Jake 4













Lovely Victorian work Medeea


Medeea 5

















Excellemt creative writing, Alicia, Shreya and Finley 

Alicia 4













Shreya 3


Finley 5


























Great Victorian game Abhik

Abhik 4









Great maths work MIki
















Super poster Jess

Jess 3









Great daily task work, David and Nikodem

David 5








Nikodem 8















Lovely work

IMG 20200428 121324 resized 20200428 121643337














IMG 20200428 114955 resized 20200428 115243060














Fabulous Family tree, Finley

Finley 3









Great diary Carina


Carina 9











Great Gibraltar Geography Nikodem


Nikodem 7











Super writing competition entry


Alicia 3












Excellent work Carina on your daily tasks.


Carina 7







Carina 5










Fabulous work on your daily tasks, Nikon


Nikon 6





Nikon 7











Excellent research on the British Empire, Nikodem


Nikodem 6










Fantastic film review and fractions work, Sophia


Sophia 4







Sophia 7








Superb work on the Victorians, Sophia.


Sophia 1





Sophia 2








Good maths work Belta

Belta 2






Great Topic work, Medeea








Great work Carina

Carina 4









Excellent Victorian work Alicia

Alicia 1






Super Family tree Noah

Noah 1






Great work David

David 1





Awesome Maths Miki.

Miki 1





Super work on Queen Victoria, Jess.

Jess 1




Great writing Abhik

Abhik 1





Great Maths Miki

Miki 1






Great work on Charles Dickens, Belta.

Belta 1






Fabulous Victorian work Finley

finley 2








Fabulous work Carina.



Carina 2







Well done Inayah on your Victorian project. It is looking great.










Well done Rebecca, our first pictures of year 5 cooking. It looks delicious!

20200403 141354 resized





20200403 152418 resized







Fatastic work on your Victorian project Isha

IMG 20200403 175756 resized 20200403 060047214









Great Maths work Miki
















Well done to Elliot for his fantastic french poster.Elliott french






Well done to Rebecca and Jake for their parachute videos.  Uploading soon. Watch this space and keep sending in your work.


It is lovely to see some topic work. Well done Nikon.


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