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To support children's wider learning, we recommend a visit to the BBC Daily lessons page and the Oak National Academy. Here you will find short, daily lessons with a recorded input video (prepared by specialist teachers) and an activity to accompany it. This will help children wider their general knowledge and develop a better understanding of history, geography and RE. This additional knowledge will help them become good all round learners. 

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A super investigation on the topic : the world



The music service have compiled a list of music activities suitable for key stage 2. If you want to create music click on the link below

music activities



From what you have learnt so far about the Victorian era, see if you can compare these aspects of Victorian times to todays times.



From the design of the invention you completed last week, can you now make a model of that design and answer the following questions:

* Does the invention work as you had designed it to do?

* What worked well?

* What could you improve on?


Let's investigate inventions



​Find out about Victorian inventions.

Can you create a model of one of these inventions



Now you have started your project on of the countries in the British Empire and place of interest, add to your project.

Think about:

Famous people born or lived in the country.

Create a fact file based on each one- you can use your knowledge of biographies to help you.


Think about:

What national foods do they eat?

Find recipes and create a recipe book.

Remember to include:

pictures of the food



You may want to try recreating some of the dishes.


Think about:

What places of interest are there to visit in your country.

Add to your presentation the top ten places to visit with pictures.


Now answer the following questions:

Which continent is your country in?

How large is your country?

What is the population of the country?

What is the currency used in your country?

What is the capital city? major cities?

Do they have a national flag? costume? food?

Use this information to create the first section of an information poster/ powerpoint or leaflet about the country of your choice.

Which countries were part of the British Empire?

Investigate which countries were part of the British Empire?

Using an atlas:

  • Which country is furthest away from Britain?
  • Which countries have you not heard of before?
  • Which is the largest country?
  • Which country became part of the British Empire first?



Investigate the Victorian royal family. Who was Queen Victoria married to?  How many children did she have? Who were her parents?

Recreate a family tree to show Queen Victoria's family.

Send photos of your family tree to the Year 5 team via:


Victorian project

Year 5 project


You are going to research the Victorians, ready for next term.  Your project could include as many of these as you would like to do:

  • Research famous Victorians

  • Research famous Victorian inventions

  • Write a biography about a famous Victorian

  • Write a newspaper report about a famous event that happened in Victorian Britain

  • Investigate the Victorian Royal Family

  • Investigate what money and measurements were used in Victorian times. Create a board game using these measures or money facts

  • Research Victorian games and toys. Can you recreate/ make one?

  • Write a diary entry about a famous event that happened in Victorian Britain

  • Write a recipe of a typical Victorian dish for a rich family and a poor family

  • Choose a board game or card game you know how to play. Recreate the game using Victorian facts

Please send in photos of your work so far using: 

We can't wait to see what you have learnt.


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