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Creative writing


Creative writing

Sentence challenge

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Please help.

The boy lay in the grass. He looked at the door. It opened. He gasped.


Grammar/punctuation challenge

A relative clause adds extra information to a sentence using relative pronouns: who, which, where, when, whose or that.

For example:

He could see the mysterious door at the bottom of the garden, which had troubled him for so long.

The young boy, who had been sitting there all morning, was delighted when the door began to open.

The tiny creature, whose eyes were the size of peas, emerged from the stone door.

Add in an appropriate relative clause to the sentence below.

The door, which___________, creaked slowly open.

Write your own sentences with relative clauses.

See if you can write 3 extra sentences.

Large Moving House


Can you finish the story and describe what Harry saw?

Harry Shepherd opened his eyes and gazed up at his bedroom ceiling. He crinkled his eyes up and yawned, then rubbed the sleep from them and sat on the edge of his bed. The previous evening his mum had opened the window slightly, letting a gentle breeze through. Mrs Shepherd knew that her son preferred it when the house was cool at night.

However, when Harry sat on the edge of his bed, his room was not cool: it was freezing! Harry shivered, pulling his Spiderman duvet over his bare legs. “What on Earth?” he muttered to himself. There was a gale blowing through his bedroom window. Thinking that it must be an extremely windy day, Harry walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out a jumper. Pulling the jumper down over his head, Harry strolled over to the open window. He drew back the red curtains expecting to see the leaves blowing all over their garden. Maybe even the garden furniture had blown over like it had last time the weather was bad.

The sight that met Harry as he gazed out of the window was certainly not what he had expected...

Can you draw a picture of where Harry’s house might eventually land?


Write a news report about something that has happened to you recently - write in third person and in detail.



Large A Dangerous Pet Pobble 365







Sentence challenge!

Can you make a list of adjectives to describe the dragon?

Can you make a list of verbs to say what the dragon is doing?

Can you make a list of adverbs to describe how the dragon is eating?

Can you now write a sentence using a verb, an adverb and at least one adjectives?

Large Opening Doors Pobble 365

If you could walk through a door into anywhere, what would it look like? Draw a picture of the place you have chosen/imagined



Sumdog has opened their other games for the children to play.  When you log onto the sumdog site, if you choose the grammar option you will find the first grammar challenge for today.  Complete the challenge before 8 p.m to win your coins. Winners will be announced tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

Congratulations to the following winners who achieved over 100%. A fantastic achievement.

1st place - Jake

2nd place - Nikon



Bug Club

Click Here

Bug Club (ActiveLearn by Pearson) is a school-wide online reading scheme aimed to provide both breadth and depth for our pupils. With hundreds of books to choose from, every child can be assured to find something they will enjoy at their level, as well as being able to extend their curiosity to different genres and authors. Children should have their own login for this website.

David Walliams is also willing to share his stories with children. He will be making different stories available to listen to each day in the form of an audio book.



Click Here for David Walliam's audio books 



Below is a list of this weeks spellings.  Remember to find ways of learning them.You could Look, Say, Write, Cover, Check or find words hidden within words.  You could look for patterns or sing each letter out loud.  Next Monday, get testing. How well did you do?

station                                 rotation

vacation                              relation

variation                              operation

allegation                            excavation

humiliation                          suffocation


Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed is a really useful tool for children to practice their spelling! Pupils should have their own login. Please click the link below to access the sign-in page:

Spelling Shed Login






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