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Creative writing

Large Flight Club Pobbl 365







 What do you think Poppy can see?

Write a story based on where Poppy is going?

Why Poppy is in the plane? 

What happens  to Poppy?

Writing competition


Sumdog has opened their other games for the children to play.  When you log onto the sumdog site, if you choose the grammar option you will find the first grammar challenge for today.  Complete the challenge before 8 p.m to win your coins. Winners will be announced tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

Congratulations to the following winners who achieved over 100%. A fantastic achievement.

1st place - Jake

2nd place - Nikon



Bug Club

Click Here

Bug Club (ActiveLearn by Pearson) is a school-wide online reading scheme aimed to provide both breadth and depth for our pupils. With hundreds of books to choose from, every child can be assured to find something they will enjoy at their level, as well as being able to extend their curiosity to different genres and authors. Children should have their own login for this website.

David Walliams is also willing to share his stories with children. He will be making different stories available to listen to each day in the form of an audio book. 

Congratulations to the following children who completed books on Bug club last week:

Jack                                                    Tristan M

Eliott                                                    Aphrodite

Gabriel                                                 Joe

Jessica C                                              Aden

Ally                                                     Finley

Nikon                                                   Inayah




Click Here for David Walliam's audio books 



Below is a list of this weeks spellings.  Remember to find ways of learning them.You could Look, Say, Write, Cover, Check or find words hidden within words.  You could look for patterns or sing each letter out loud.  Next Monday, get testing. How well did you do?

yesterday                                                tomorrow

later                                                       immediately

earlier                                                    eventually

recently                                                  previously

finally                                                     lately


Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed is a really useful tool for children to practice their spelling! Pupils should have their own login. Please click the link below to access the sign-in page:

Spelling Shed Login






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