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To support children's wider learning, we recommend a visit to the BBC Daily lessons page and the Oak National Academy. Here you will find short, daily lessons with a recorded input video (prepared by specialist teachers) and an activity to accompany it. This will help children wider their general knowledge and develop a better understanding of history, geography and RE. This additional knowledge will help them become good all round learners. 

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Summer Term Topic

Our Year 3 history topic for the Summer Term is The Ancient Egyptians. This topic is to be spread over the entire summer term so don't rush through all of the activities at once.

At the end of this topic, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Who were some of the Egyptian Pharaohs and what did they do?
  2. What are the pyramids and how were they built?
  3. What is the Sphinx and what does it represent?
  4. What was interesting about some Egyptian burials?
  5. What is mummification?
  6. What were the Ancient Egyptians religious beliefs?
  7. Who was Howard Carter and what did he discover?
  8. Who was Tutankhamun and what do we know about him?
  9. What was daily life like in Ancient Egypt?
  10. What do we know about Ancient Egyptian food, clothing, jewellery, hair and make-up?
  11. What did Ancient Egyptians do in their leisure time?
  12. What different roles did men, women and children have?
  13. What was the importance of the Nile River to Ancient Egyptian farmers?
  14. What was farming like during this time and can you explain the seasons in Egypt?


Topic lessons


Below are links to videos, texts and activities for our Ancient Egypt topic.


An introduction to Ancient Egypt

What remains of ancient Egypt?

What happened to the Ancient Egyptians?

What was life like for the Ancient Egyptians?

Why was farming important to the Encient Egyptians?

What games did the Ancient Egytpians play?

Who was Tutankhamun?

What were Egyptian hieroglyphics?

What did the Ancient Egytpians believe in?

Take the Ancient Egytpian quiz


How to be a historian lesson

Spring Term Topic Homework Project

As part of our Spring Term Erupting Europe topic, the children are required to develop their geographical understanding of the continent of Europe. Find below a link to a document with instructions for homework project ideas for this topic.

Instruction for the project

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