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Summer Term 1 Topic

Our Year 3 Science topic for Summer Term 1 is plants. This topic is to be spread over the next six weeks so don't rush through all of the activities at once.

At the end of this topic, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the functions of the different parts of plants such as: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers?
  2. What do plants need in order to live and grow? 
  3. How is water transported in plants?
  4. What part do flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants including: pollination, seed formation and seed dispersals

Below are links to videos and activities to help you answer these questions.

What is a plant?

Why are plants important?

What does a plant need to live?

What are the requirements for plant growth?

Why are bees attracted to flowers?

Plants activity sheets

Once you have learnt about the questions above, have a go at these activity sheets.

Parts of a plant and seed dispersal activity sheet

Parts of a plant and seed dispersal answers

Plants outdoor activities

Spring Term Science topics

Our Science topics in Spring Term 2 were:

  • Nutrition and the importance of having a healthy balanced diet

  • Skeletons and muscles

Below are links to information and activities for you learn about these areas of Science.

Nutrition and diet

Skeletons and muscles

Twinkl skeleton activities here

Science - Stop the spread STEM challenge

Stop the spread is a new STEM challenge for students aged 7 to 16. Highlighting the global issue of infectious disease students design, build and test a model of a hand washing device and produce educational materials for children in Kenya to encourage hand washing. It is accredited for the British Science Association CREST Discovery Award and can used to enter the Youth Grand Challenges competitions. Resources include teacher guidelines, a student pack, a presentation, a video certificates and a poster.

Link for the 'Stop the spread challenge' instructions and resources


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