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Do you know why you look the way you do?

Do you look like anyone else in your family?


This term we are learning about Evolution and Inheritance.  Look at the lessons below. Look through the power points and have a go at some of the activities.  You do not need to print them out.  Remember you can just use paper and a pencil or pen.

You do not have to do the activities using your family.  If you prefer you could do a famous family.  How about the Beckhams?

Lesson 1

Lesson one power pointEvolution and Inheritance key vocabularHow might children look compared to their parents worksheet - remember you do not have to do this on your family.  You could use a famous one instead like the Beckhams!Investigating inheritance and variation worksheet - remember you could use a famous family for this and not your own

Lesson 2

This lessons looks at adaptation.  Start by thinking about what this word might mean.  Use a dictionary to look the word up if you need to.  Then look through the power point and answer any questions on it.  It tells you how to do the activitiy.

Activity - this has 3 levels of ability.  Look at the stars at the bottom of each page.  1 star is slightly easier / sometimes has fewer to do.  There are answers as well.

You can either print it out, draw it, do it as a power point in your own way.

Power Point - adaptationActivity - adaptationAdult guidance

Lesson 3 Darwin

This lesson is all about the theory of evolution.  It mentions lots of famous scientists who all had their own ideas.  Will you recognise any of their names?

Look through the power point.

Power Point

Then read through the Theory of Evolution sheets to find out about different ideas.  You could read these to yourself, to someone else, or take it in turns to read.

Theory of Evolution Sheets

Next, read through the ideas fact sheets and decide if the statements on Evolutionary Ideas are true or false.

Evolutionary Ideas fact sheets - different challenges.  3 stars is more challenging.Is it true or false?  Use the information above to help find out.  With answers..

Finally, make a mini biography or fact file about one of the scientists.  You can either use the template or do your own design.  Be creative!

Template for a mini biography.

Lesson 4 Fossil

This lesson is about the evidence that there is to show evolution.  

Go through the power point first and read about what this is about.

Power Point for Evidence of Evolution

Then take a look at the below sheet to have a go at comparing the similarities and difficulties with fossils and their closest living relative.  

Fossil evidence for evolution - various challenges. 3 stars is more challenging.

Finally, select a living thing of your choice and research its fossil history and record.

Fossil record - this has various challenges.

Spring Term

This term we have been learning about animals including humans and living things and their habitats.  Below are some activities you could do that relate to this learning.

Have fun!  Which ones will you choose?  Or will you do all of them?  Click below to see the ideas you could do.

Science activities

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