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Year 6


Wishing all of our families a safe and restful half term.  

You have all worked so hard so take a well deserved rest.  Keep being helpful around the home.


EMAT Sumdog competition. Competitiondog

It's over!  Well done Elm class on being 1st!

Individual leaders in Year 6  ...

Danika    Oak Class 28th

Shiba      Oak Class  49th

Class Leader Board finished like this ...   

Elder - 10th

Oak - 14th

Ash - 18th

Well done all three classes - out of 65 classes you all did amazingly well.

Sumdog 21 5 20



Happy Birthday Hazel for Monday 11th May!!

Thank you for sharing with us how you celebrated it.  Harry Potter Lego, Nandos, Facetime, Harry Potter cake all sounds amazing!

Hazel birthdayHazel train 2Hazel train 3Hazel train




Sumdog grammar

Keep having a go all this week.






EMAT competition until 8pm Thursday.

Voucher for every member of the winning class.

Spelling shed



Keep practising your spellings this week.


TT Rockstars

Keep up with your times tables.  There is a world record to play for!




TT Rockstars record





StarFriday 24th April star of the week

Friday 1st May star of the week

Thursday 7th May star of the week

Friday 15th May star of the weekFriday 22nd May stars of the week 


Happy birthday gifHappy Birthday to Kayla who celebrated her birthday this week.

Happy Birthday to Ruby, Joshua, Shijuola, Jack and Sophie who celebrate their birthdays from tomorrow (Saturday) and over half term. 

Get in touch and let us know how you celebrated.


Email Us gif

Ash class click here

Elder class click here

Oak class click here


Please make sure you only show your face if it can go on the internet and you have permission from your adult.


Remember you can still contact us at ParentSupport@orchard.emat.uk if you need to and do any of the work we have provided.


StarThis term could you be our Star of the Week!

To be selected we will looking for the following things -

  • completion of daily tasks - click at the bottom of the sheet and fill out the form to say you have done it
  • taking part in daily competitions like Sumdog and Spelling Shed
  • getting in contact with us - send us your work or just a few lines telling us what you have done.


Friday 22nd May

Well done everyone who took part in the EMAT Sumdog competition.  Out of 65 classes you all did very well.

Elder 10th      Oak 14th      Ash 18th 

Complete the daily task.

Try these Maths challenges.

Some of you may be finishing Ramadan and celebrating Eid al-Fitr. 

All of you can find out a bit more about Eid al-Fitr below with the various activities.  Maybe try out some baking! Eid gif


Power Point about Eid al-Fitr

Reading comprehension The Islamic Celebration: Eid al-Fitr -

Baking - How to make Eid biscuits

Thursday 21st May

Last chance to move your class up the leaderboard for the Sumdog competition today.  It ends at 8pm.  Make sure you play your 1000 questions today.  They all count.

Things you could do today -  Scratch gif

  • Sumdog
  • Daily task
  • Skipping / star jump PE challenge
  • Science lessons (found in the science section)
  • Computer lesson - What makes a good computer game?  If you are lucky enough to have Scratch you could make your own game.
  • Extra Maths - convert a decimal into a fraction and simplify.

Click here for computer lesson. Click here for extra Maths.

Wednesday 20th May

Amazing progress on the Sumdog competition. Keep going with it.  The leader board is changing hourly!

Its going to be very hot today so keep drinking plenty and if you are outside remember your suntan lotion.

Have you had a go at the skipping challenge yet?  Find it in the PE section. Skipping

Have you entered the TT Rockstars competition?

Lesson 4 is ready to do in the Science section.  All about evidence for evolution and looking at fossils. Fossil

More Maths - Divide decimals by integers

Tuesday 19th May

Well done for all of your hard work with Sumdog.  All three classes have done very well - you have all made the leader board.  Keep playing lots and make sure your friends are playing too.

After the daily task and playing on Sumdog you could do these tasks.  Remember Classroom Secrets has tasks set out over the week.  Find these below (Monday 18th May).

Multiply decimals by integers (whole numbers)Using semi-colons

Monday 18th May

Things you could do today -

  • daily task
  • play LOTS of Sumdog for the EMAT competition
  • have a go at the TT Rockstars world record challenge

Then maybe you could try these tasks out too.

Maths - more work on multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100, 1000Classroom Secrets - tasks split up into suggested days for the week.  Maths and EnglishClassroom Secrets - adult help and answers



Friday 15th MayCompetitiondog

Today is the start of the EMAT Sumdog competition.  You all need to be in it so we can win it!

Starts at 8am today!  Play everyday until next Thursday 8pm.

  • You can play at any time.
  • For the score to count, the EMAT Maths Contest activity must be showing in the green panel on the left of your screen when you click to start each game.

There are prizes to be won by the winning class.  Each child in the winnng class will get a prize and a class trophy.

After earning lots of points on Sumdog and completing the English daily task you might like to try these.

Click here for some Maths challenges.Click here for some art - painting, collage and printmaking.

Thursday 14th May

After the daily task have a go at the online competitions.

Remember lesson 3 for science can be found in the science tab.

Why not have a go at this alternative science lesson.Balloon car bottle

Click here to learn all about extreme designs.  Make a parachute and balloon powered car.

Wednesday 13th May

Have a go at the daily task and then the online competitions. 

Scroll down to Tuesday for daily activities with Classroom Secrets.

There is a ***** new Science lesson ***** that has been added to the science page too.  Lesson 3 is all about the theory of evolution.

Click here for a further Science lesson  - adaptationClick here for a further Maths lesson - Divide fractions by integers

Tuesday 12th May

Year 6 you are amazing us with all of your hard work.  We love to hear from you so please email us (links above) and tell us what you have been doing.

Remember to do the online competitions - we love it when we see new names appear on the leader boards.

Below is a link to the Classroom Secrets work for this week.  It is divided up into suggested days, but you can pick which order you want to have a go at the tasks.  There are adult support pages too with answers.  These are great to help you 'get going' if you are unsure on what to do.

Classroom Secrets - tasksClassroom Secrets - adult support and answersBook Review template - how about use this to let other children know about any good books you have read

Monday 11th May

So this would have been your SATs week.  We all know how hard you worked towards these and we are sure there will be mixed feelings this week.  Some of you will be sad that you are not doing your SATs, whereas some of you will be happy and relieved that you do not have to do them.  There is no wrong or right way to feel - you may even have mixed feelings.   We are proud of you all and how you are all adapting to your new learning.

Keep working hard.  You may have even been learning about new skills at home like baking or helping around the home - these are just as important.

For those of you who want to there is a link below to past SATs papers with answers.  If you want to do any of them you can.  They are NOT COMPULSORY.  They do not have to be sent in - but we would of course love to hear about any efforts (SATs or baking!).  They do not need to printed - you can read from the screen and answer on paper.  You may not be able to do some of the Maths as you might need a protractor for example - just miss out these questions. 

Click here for links to past papers to Key Stage 2 SATs.This link will also take you to past papers for Key Stage 2 SATs.

Remember you DO NOT have to do these.  There is still a daily task and online competitions for TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Sumdog - Grammar and Maths.

There is a National competition in Sumdog Maths this week - let's see if a year 6 class can make the leader board.

Thursday 7th May

Alira buntingAlira bunting

Scroll down to other days for lots of VE day activities and tasks/activities in a range of subjects.

Remember to do the daily task, then try competitions on Sumdog (Maths and Grammar), Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars.

Further work on adding and subtracting fractions.Algorithms and debuggingThere has been lots of talk in the news recently about trade and economic activity.  Learn more here.

Wednesday 6th May

Try to have a go at Sumdog Maths and Grammar today and Spelling Shed.  Lets see which class can get the most children on them - spread the word!

First News - have a read through the newspaper from this week.  How about have a go at answering the questions as well or doing the crossword.

First News 1st - 7th MayFirst News Comprehension with answersFirst News In the Know Quiz with answersFirst News Crosswords



More VE activities - remember to scroll down this page for more ideas on what you could do and tasks

Find out here what VE day is all about.Which country was on which side map List of countries.


Tuesday 5th May

Well done to everyone who tried the Sumdog Grammar competition.  Make sure you have a got at it today.

Its been great to see some activities from Ramadam, POR lessonsLights

 and Science experiments being carried out.

Check out the next lesson on the Science page.  Evolution and Inheritance Photo Display Banner


VE day image

As well as activities for VE day that were set on Friday (scroll down) here are some more.

Morse code - have a go then see if you can do your own sentence.   Email it to your teacher!  Email links below.VE discussion worksheet - do you know why we are celebrating VE day? Reading comprehension - different abilities with answers. 3 stars is most challenging.


Monday 4th May  - 4 days this week!

Below is the link to the Classroom Secrets booklet that has Maths and English split across the week. 

There is also a link to help pages and answers.  Use these if you are unsure on what to do.  Often having the answer to the first one can help you answer the rest.

Classroom Secrets Maths and English Monday - ThursdayClassroom Secrets Help pages and Answers

Some more Maths has been added to the Maths page.


Ramadan Lights

Have a look at these activities which will be added to over the next few weeks.

Information about Ramadan.  Maybe make your own leaflet or PPMake a lantern - remember to email us your workUse these headings to make a fact file about Ramadan or use them to help you make a PPWatch this clip about Ramadan - lasts about 2 minutes 20 seconds

Music gif


MusicHere are some musical links you might like to try.Further ideas with a VE song!

Friday Fun Day 1st MayVE day image

Next Friday it is VE day.  Do you know what this is?

After the daily task, Sumdog and Spelling Shed maybe have a go at these tasks to prepare for VE day.

Make a model Spitfire gliderDesign a VE day teacupMake some buntingDesign a VE day medal

Thursday 30th April 

Complete the daily task and click on the link at the bottom to show you have done it.

Take part in Sumdog and Spelling Shed.  

Look at the other tasks that have been added on previous days as some tasks are for more than one day.  More Maths has been added again.

How about read the latest edition of First News and have a go at the questions - you could even have a go at the toilet roll art! Loo roll art

First News

This week's children's newspaper and a related comprehension activity have been added and can be found here:

First News Newspaper 24th - 30th AprilReading Comprehensions First News 24th - 30th April

Wednesday 29th April

Check out the Maths activities that have been added to the Maths page.  Remember you can go back to previous days as well as do work from there.

Have you also seen the new Science lesson that has been added?

Tuesday 28th April

Below you will find some extra work you might select to do as well as the daily task.

It has Maths and English activities.  They are split into suggested days but you can pick and choose as you see appropriate.  There are also notes and guidance for adults and answers.

Selection of Maths and English tasks to cover 5 days.Guidance notes for adults and answers.

Monday 27th April

If you have had a go at the daily task you could have a go at the below task.  Remember to click on the link to say you have done the daily task and have a go at the Sumdog and Spelling Shed activities too.

Reading Endangered AnimalsAnswer booklet - or just use paperAnswers - check your answers

Friday Fun Activity 

Have you completed the daily task today and the competitions in Sumdog and Spelling Shed?

Remember to click at the bottom of the task sheet to let us know you have completed it.

How about have a go at one of at art sessions lower down on this page?

Or how about do some baking?  Maybe try out this recipe.  If you do not have all of the ingredients you could adpat it or make something else.

Recipe for cookies

Remember to send us a photo of what your art or baking look like.

Thursday 23rd April St georges day gif

Have you had a go at the daily task today?  Have you had a go at the Sumdog and Spelling Shed tasks today?  Remember to click at the bottom of the task to let us know you have completed it.

If so why not try these.  Do you know what special event we celebrate today?  It is St George's Day.  

This reading comprehension and SPAG task are related to St George's Day.  The reading has 3 abilities. 

Reading comprehension with answersSPAG Saint Georges Quest for the Beast questionsSPAG answers


Tuesday 21st April - daily task

English - click here for a lesson on verbs and modal verbsMaths - click here for a lesson on rounding decimals


Art Color Palette Art Colorful Sticker by Eden Fine Art Gallery for ...

We know lots of you enjoy art activities.  Watch these online lessons from Olaf Falafel. They each last about 30 minutes.  We would love to see what you do.  Remember to send us your work.

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3 

Online learning

I am sure lots of you will have seen or heard about lots of famous people providing a range of online learning.  Here are some of them.  You can choose to watch the sessions live at the times listed below but you can also catch up on the lessons later on if you miss them. Enjoy.

9 am PE with Joe Wicks - The Body Coach10 am Music with Myleens Klass11 am Science with Maddie Moate11 am David Walliams reading a story11:30 am Dance with Oti Mabuse1 pm Maths with Carol Vorderman2 pm History with Dan Snow3 pm English with David Walliams5:30 pm Food Tech with Jamie Oliver


Read All About It!

We know lots of you enjoy reading the newspaper for children - First News.  You can now enjoy this by clicking below.

First News Issue 723 24th - 30th AprilFirst News issue 720 3rd - 9th AprilFirst News issue 719 27th March - 2nd April

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