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Year 4

FRIDAY 17th JULY 2020 -

Today marks the official end of this academic year and what a year it has been - this is definitely a year I will never forget! I would like to say a huge well done to al the children who have been working so hard at home on their different learning tasks. It has been fantastic to see the work you have been doing. Hopefully, all of this hard work will help you all next year when you return to school in Year 5. I really hope that the reduction in coronavirus continues and we can welcome you all back to school in September as planned. Until then, I hope that you all have a good rest and enjoy the Summer holidays! I look forward to seeing you all and hearing about your experiences and holidays soon. It has been lovely working with you all for the last two years. Mr Davis is very lucky to be inheriting such a fantastic Year Group to lead in September. Have a lovely summer, take care and stay safe! 

Very best wishes. 

Mr Allwood. 



Week Commencing 13 July 2020-

We have reached the final week of the academic year (and what a year it has been!). Despite not being able to see you in school since March, we are all very proud of how hard so many of you have been working at home. We have loved seeing your work and hearing about how you are getting on. As a team we have enjoyed working with you all duirng Year 4 and we would all like to wish you good luck as you move into Year 5. We hope to be able to come and see you in Septmeber to see how you are getting on. We have already met your new teachers and told them lots about you all. I know they are all very excited to start working with you. We hope you have a lovely summer holiday. 

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Please remember the importance of 'social distancing' over the next few weeks as this will help to keep everybody safe. I am already looking forward to welcoming you all back to school as soon as we possibly can. Take care and stay safe. Mr Allwood and the Year 4 Team. 

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We all understand that it's not going to possible to recreate the school day exactly at home, nor would be be expecting children to be trying to do 5 x 1hour lessons every day. We have tried very hard to find a balance too, so that some of the activities we provide children can do on their own, allowing grown ups to get on with their own work, have some time to themselves or do other important activites at home! Below is a suggestion of what a day might be like. Where possible, please try and keep to a routine, as this will really help the children. Please do let me know if your child is finding the work provided too difficult. 

Mrs Stockton has put together a larger list of SEND resources to help children with anxiety and working memory. If you need some websites or apps to support mindfulness and wellbeing at this time then this is a comprehensive list which we we hope you find useful. 

CLICK HERE for Mrs Stockton's suggested resources

PE With Joe A.K.A The Body Coach

Start your day with a Joe Wickes work out every day at 9am. This is proving a popular activity amongst children and staff across the entire country. We are pleased that Joe is continuing with this.  

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We recommend spending some time each day working through the English lessons we are putting together. These will build up over the next two weeks leading to a larger piece of writing. Each lesson will be put on at the start of each day. 

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We recommend spending some time each day working on your Maths skills. This could include taking part in the daily SumDog Competiton, using TT Rockstars or completing the daily Maths lesson which we have provided. We will continue to announce daily winners ont he school website. 

Click Here to go the Maths Lesson

Click Here to take part int he SumDog Competition 

Click Here to go to TT Rockstars 


Other Learning 

We suggest that throughout the week children then spend some time taking part in the other activities (Science, Topic, French, Art) This could be spread out across the week and might be something you choose to spend part of the afternoon doing. The important thing is that children do as much as is manageable for them and their individual situations. We want to encourage children to learn and enjoy their learning, not put them off. 

Click Here to go to the Topic pages 

Click Here to go to the Science pages

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Below are the links and activities from last term

Daily Writing Time 

As we have reached the end of another week not being able to come to school. I would like you to write another letter to share with us about your week. 

This week, tell me what you have been doing and how you are finding learning from home. What are you missing about coming to school? What are you looking forward to? 

If you have a message to give anybody at school then include it too and I will find a way to share these with everybody. 


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Previous Writing Time Activities

Thursday 2nd April - Writing Time Activity

Wednesday 1st April - Writing Time Activity

Tuesday 31st March - Writing Time Activity

Monday 30th March - Writing Time Activity

Monday 23rd March - Writing Time Activity

Tuesday 24th March - Writing Time Activity

Wednesday 25th March - Writing Time Activity

Thursday 26th March - Writing Time Activity

Friday 27th March - Writing Time Activity

Daily Maths Challenge 

Your new Maths challenge is to take part in the SumDog contest. This new contest will run for the week and is a national competition. Over the week you need to answer 1000 questions and you are competing as a class. To register a class score, at least 10 of you need to take part in each class. I will update the website with daily results. Good luck and may the best class win! 

Daily Competition Winners
Congratulations to the following children for being THURSDAY winners... 

Overall 1st Place - Kiera

Overall 2nd Place - Anuja

Overall 3rd Place - Athavan

Overall 4th Place - Sam

Overall 5th Place - Aminah

Highest scoring class - Poplar Class 

Click here to access the SumDog Competition

Please also spend some time focussing on learning your times tables.As a year group you have worked really hard to learn these this year and while there may not be a test anymore to complete, I would still like everybody to be fluent. Please complete 2 x soundchecks and choose another activity to do. Maybe challenge your friends or teachers. 

Click here to access TT Rockstars

You might also want to spend some time this week consolidating on the concepts we explored this half term. Click on the link below to go to the White Rose Maths page, where you will find a lesson video along with some activities to complete. 

Click here to access White Rose Maths lessons


First News is a newspaper designed for children, which we have copies of in the school library. They have very kindly made the newspaper and activities free for us to share with you while at home. I will be putting a selection of these on here each day for you to complete. 

First News Reading - Day 10 (Friday 3rd April)

First News Reading - Day 9 (Thursday 2nd April)

First News Reading - Day 8 (Wednesday 1st April)

First News Reading - Day 7 (Tuesday 31st March)

First New Reading - Day 6 (Monday 30th March)

David Walliams is also willing to share his stories with children. He will be making different stories available to listen to each day in the form of an audio book. 

Click Here for David Walliam's audio books 

Reading Activities from last week in case you missed them. 

First News Reading - Day 5 (Friday 27th March 2020) Scroll to bottom of the pdf for the discussion questions. This would make a great activity to do altogether as a family.

First News Reading - Day 4 (Thursday 26th March 2020)

First News Reading - Day 3 (Wednesday 25th March 2020)

First News Reading - Day 2 (Tuesday 24th March 2020)

First News Reading - Day 1 (Monday 23rd March 2020)


Watch the David Attenborough documentary below. Your task is to use this documenatry to help you produce a piece of work to explain how we can work together to save the rainforests from around the world. You might choose to create a poster, leaflet, make a video, draw or write a story, write a report, do it as a newspaper... it is up to you. 

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Below is a link for an assembly delivered by our friend Rachel from the Bridgebuilder trust. The theme of the assembly is 'dealing with difficulties'. Watch the assembly and reflect about the current situation and decide how you are going to make the best of the situation. As Rachel says, "Don't look at the problem, look at the one who is bigger than the problem and make the most of every situation you are in."

Click to take part in the Assembly

Wednesday morning is usually our Weekly Singing Assembly. If you are missing coming together to sing with the rest of the school, why not try getting the rest of your household and having your own singing assembly from your living room!

Click Here to take part in Singing Assembly. 


At the start of the year, we spent a lot of lessons looking at using Scratch to help us develop our coding skills. This week, I would like you to have a go at this activity. Follow the link to view the instructions. 

Click Here for Computing instructions

Click Here to go to Scratch

School Trip

Unfortunately, we are unable to go very far at the minute. To try and help overcome this we would like to take you on a virtual trip through the Rainforest. Use the links below to join us as we go on a tour of the Amazon. 

Click Here to join our school trip

Click Here to continue the school trip

Art & DT

This week I would like to share with you the cartoonist Pete McKee. Every Wednesday at 12pm he will be delivering a live lesson to help you develop your cartoon skills. He started this last week, so you can also see the previous one too. Have a go at drawing the cartoons and then practice. If you want to share any of your cartoons then please use the link at the top this webpage and I will upload them to the website and facebook page for others to see. Happy drawing!

Click Here to go Pete McKee's Cartoon Workshop

I know Art and DT might be a little trickier to do at home, expecially now that the shops have all closed too. However, I have found some art you can do using some of the things you might find around the house. Please feel free to share your art work with me. Over the next few days I hope to be able to create a gallery to show off everyone's hard work. I can't wait to see how you get on.

Recycled garden
Courtesy of Erin Bittman from
Recycle unwanted materials from the recycling bin into a garden full of bright flowers. Collect lots of colourful paper, boxes, cards, leaflets, newspapers etc. from your recycling at home to use. 

Cut out the petals into lots of different shapes and arrange to make your flowers. You could draw the stems and leaves, or be creative and find something to use instead. Be as creative as you can. 

Click Here to share your art work


This is a nice resource to help revisit some of the topics we have covered since Year 3. Spend some time having a go at the different activities. 
Click Here to visit the website


These are difficult and strange times for everyone and therefore it Poster of Hopeis even more important now that everyone looks out for one another. I have been amazed at how many acts of kindness and message of support have gone out to all those people who are helping to keep the country going.

I would like you to show an act of kindness by creating a poster to display in your window at home giving a message of positivity, or thanking a key worker. Lets all work together to spread a message of hope and gratitude in these difficult times. It would be lovely to see your posters on display across our community.

Click here to share a copy of your poster

Strictly Come Dancing with Oti Mabuse

Every morning at 11.30 am, Oti Mabuse will be presenting a live dance lesson. This will be another great way to keep active during this period of staying indoors. The dance class can be found on Oti's Youtube channel. Come on Year 4.... KEEP DANCING!

At 7:30pm, there will also be a beginner's dance class for grown ups!

Click here to visit Oti Mabuse's Youtube channel

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

It is always important to take time each day to relax and look after our mental health and wellbeing. This is even more important at the moment, as we are having to spend more time inside away from our friends and usual routines of school and life. Therefore, each day I will be sharing something that you can all do to help yourselves relax and unwind. Grown ups, you might want to join in too, or use it as your opportunity to have some time for you.








Read Write Inc.

Some of our children work with Miss Roberts each day in one of our Read Write Inc groups. If this applies to your child, then please follow the link to take part in a daily lesson. 

Click Here for Read Write Inc Lessons

Minecraft Education 

Minecraft is making its educational worlds available free, to help pupils no longer able to attend school because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 12 digital lessons will be available to download until the end of June.

They include tours of the International Space Station and the inside of a human eye, which "can be played on your own, or with parents or friends".

The worlds offer creative writing and puzzles as well as build challenges. Enjoy.

Click Here to access Minecraft Worlds 

Keeping Safe Online

CEOP have been working hard to develop resources to help continue spreading the important messages about online safety while children are at home. We will share a fortnightly #OnlineSafetyAtHome with new home activity packs here. Each pack will contain simple 15-minute activities parents can do at home with their child using the Thinkuknow resources.

Click Here to view the activities


This week I would like you to have a go at learning the names of different foods. Go the website and select 'Food' in the topics section. Once you have learnt the names of the foods, why not have a look through your cupboards and fridges to see what you can find and say in French. 

Try asking grown ups for it by saying.... "Je voudrais (and say the food in French). You could try doing this for the rest of the week. 

Click Here to go to the activity

Coronavirus Story for children

A book for children about coronavirus that aims to give information without fear. With everything that is going on at the moment; big changes to children’s routines and lots of stories on the news it can be a really scary time for children. This book aims to open up the conversation about coronavirus and some of the things they might be hearing about it and provide truthful information in a reassuring and child friendly manner.

Click Here to read the story with your children

Links to online resources

TT Rockstars

TT Rockstars is a great resources for children to be using to continue to practice their times tables. This is really important to help with children's wider mathematical skills. It will also really help them to prepare for the Year 4 MTC tests in June. Please aim to complete 2 'soundchecks' per week in addition to general activities.

Click Here



Click Here

Sumdog is a fantastic maths website to develop children's mathematical fluency. Through fun online games, it test pupils' recall and knowledge of things like times tables and number-bonds. Each child has their own login and nearly all of them know this. However, don't worry if your child has forgotten theirs as sumdog have made their resource free during the coronavirus outbreak.


Bug Club

Click Here

Bug Club (ActiveLearn by Pearson) is a school-wide online reading scheme aimed to provide both breadth and depth for our pupils. With hundreds of books to choose from, every child can be assured to find something they will enjoy at their level, as well as being able to extend their curiosity to different genres and authors. Children should have their own login for this website.



A page full of teacher-created planning and assessment materials and teaching resources! Twinkl have kindly opened up all of their resources during the coronavirus outbreak - including to parents. To sign-up for free, simply go to and enter the offer code CVDTWINKLHELPS. Once you have signed-up, visit the 'Parents Hub' for resources that are appropriate for your child's age group.

Parents Hub 


Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed is a really useful tool for children to practice their spelling! Pupils should have their own login. We will be adding weekly spellings to this to allow you to continue to practice them. Please click the link below to access the sign-in page:

Spelling Shed Login

Number Fun Portal

Number fun portal is designed to support learning at home and is packed with fun-filled experiences for primary aged children - including videos, songs, games and activities. It also includes an extensive set of video presentations to help parents understand how mathematics is taught in schools today.

Portal Link

Rainforest Topic

You will be able to continue to learn about the Rainforests across the world while you are at home. We would love you to share this work with us when we return to school, so please keep it safe.

Your first rainforest task is to find out about some of the different rainforest animals in the Amazon Rainforest. If you can, draw the animal and find some interesting facts about the animals. You could even try and apply your science skills and create a food chain, or a sorting diagram using good questions to help identify the different types of animals.You might even want to try and make an interesting and exciting book all about your chosen animals.



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